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Online-Workshop ‚Practising intersectional research‘ – 06. Juli – Ann Phoenix

Wir freuen uns sehr Sie zu unserem GRADE Center Gender Online-Workshop „Practising Intersectional Research“ am 6. Juli, von 10:00 bis 13:15 einladen zu dürfen. Der Workshop wird gehalten von Ann Phoenix, Professorin für Sozialpsychologie am Institut für Erziehungswissenschaft des University College London. Der Workshop findet auf Englisch statt.

Melden Sie sich bitte bis Freitag, 03. Juli mit einem kurzen Abstract ihres aktuellen Projekts (MA-Thesis, Forschungsarbeit, Dissertation, etc.) per Mail an für den Workshop an. Weitere Informationen zum Workshop finden sie unten.

Zusätzlich zu dem Workshop wird Ann Phoenix, die im kommenden Jahr auch die Angela-Davis-Gastprofessur besetzten wird, im Rahmen der Cornelia Goethe Colloquien am 15. Juli einen digitalen Vortrag zu „Interrogating intersectional contestations: Should the privileged speak?“ halten, zu dem Sie ebenfalls herzlich eingeladen sind.


Practising intersectional research – Graduate Workshop

This workshop aims to use participatory methods to offer the opportunity for participants to share ideas and experiences of how intersectionality can be employed in research on various topics and from different disciplines (quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods). The workshop is particularly timely given that both covid-19 and Black Lives Matter have made intersectional perspectives urgent in research, practice and policy.

It is now 15 years since Lesley McCall pointed out in her paper in the journal Signs, that there was often confusion about how to employ intersectionality as a method. Since then (and indeed before) many scholars have done intersectional research. Intersectionality has burgeoned as a theoretical perspective. However, just as there is dispute about how to theorise intersectionality, so too there continues to be uncertainty about what constitutes intersectional research.

Participants to the workshop will be invited to share their research experience, to draw on concrete examples of actual research they have done, are doing, or are thinking about. Questions such as: How have you used intersectionality in your research? What methodological challenges have you met and how you addressed them? What have you found helpful in conducting research from thinking through your question to analysing your research data/material?

The workshop will start with introductions from the participants and a presentation that will discuss the main tenets of intersectionality, give an overview of how it might be employed in research and examples of research taking intersectional perspectives.

Participants are asked to send in an abstract of their (proposed) research and to indicate whether they have research material they would like to see jointly analysed in the final half hour of the workshop.


  • There are no mandatory readings but you will be provided with selected recommended readings upon registration.


Ann Phoenix

ANN PHOENIX is Professor of Psychosocial Studies at Thomas Coram Research Unit, Department of Social Sciences, UCL Institute of Education. Her publications include work on narratives, theoretical and empirical aspects of social identities, gender, masculinity, youth, intersectionality, racialization, ethnicisation, migration and transnational families.



Please register with a short abstract of your work until Friday, July 03 via e-mail to Lucas Schucht.

Language: English.
Target Groups: M, E, A, P, HS.
Time: Monday, July 06, 2020, 10am – 1:15pm
Location: Online. Zoom link will be provided upon registration.