Cornelia Goethe Centrum

Digital Exhibition: „Have Courage for the New!“ – Women in the struggle for Rights and Justice

The following exhibition is only available in German

From 30 October to 1 December 2019, the exhibition ”’Have the courage to try something new!” – Women fighting for rights and justice’ was shown in the Lobby of the PEG on Campus Westend. 21 portraits were presented of historical female activists who fought for democracy and equality.

Now the exhibition is finished, the exhibits have been removed. But there is still something to see. Not in the foyer of the PEG, but on the website of the Cornelia Goethe Center. There you can see, read and listen to, the portraits, the biographies of the people portrayed and the corresponding audio recordings.

During the exhibition, the Centre also called for submissions on who had been left out. These suggestions are currently being incorporated into the digital exhibition and will soon also be on display there.

The banners on display were created as part of the campaign Frauen. Macht. Politik. and the exhibition Damenwahl! 100 Jahre Frauenwahlrecht at the Historical Museum Frankfurt.

We would like to thank our cooperation partners for their support!