Cornelia Goethe Centrum

‘Biographical achievements and negotiations of belongings among the descendants of immigrant families.

A qualitative comparative study on the impact of policies in two generations in the metropolitan areas of Strasbourg and Frankfurt am Main’


The aim of this comparative research project is to understand the dynamics of belonging and exclusion among descendants of migrants in the metropolitan areas of Strasbourg and Frankfurt. We aim to increase knowledge of intergenerational relationships, gender relations, transformation and crisis among the younger generations. The study will also reveal the effects of social policies on individual life courses. We will identify and compare those public policies that have more or less fostered integration and a sense of both recognition and belonging, by using the method of biographical policy evaluation, developed by the applicant  in former EU projects in several European countries. The project will focus on three thematic areas: school achievement, especially policies to foster language learning; marriage strategies; and professional achievement, also through the creation of “ethnic” business. Our research will perform and analyze biographical interviews with parents and adult children between 18 and 28 years, female and male, in 40 families on each side.
Finnanced by: University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Study (USIAS)
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Ursula Apitzsch
Collaborator: N.N.
Duration: 2017-2019

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