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Center-Specific Workshops and Lectures


Amrita Pande, Cape Town

Globalization and the Intimate

When mainstream theories around globalization analyse the increased mobility of goods, services, technology, and capital throughout the world, the changing dynamics of nation states, neoliberal policies and growing inequalities, gender is seldom a focus. Gender is typically understood, and dismissed as a “soft topic”, sociologically relevant only in so far as it constructs individual identities, masculinities and femininities. It is often a postscript (if at all) to the more dramatic economic, political, and technological transformations. The subject of discussion in this workshop, however, is not just these dramatic global processes and transnational flows but how they have always intersected with the most intimate of relations—those around gender. In specific, we will discuss one of the most striking features of the contemporary global order: the feminization of the global labour force and the concomitant commodification of intimacy. How does one study the interaction of a macro phenomenon like globalisation with something as intimate as “intimacy”? The second part of the workshop will allow participants to engage with global ethnography as a research method. By reflecting on the convenor’s past research works as well as the participants’ planned research projects, the discussion would aim to unpack the many challenges facing global ethnographers and researchers in general, as the research field and space gets embedded in multiple sites and scales.

10-16h, Language: English, target groups M, E, A, P, HS*
Ort: Campus Westend, PA Gebäude, P 22

Heinz-Jürgen Voß, Merseburg

Biologische Theorien zu Geschlecht – intersektional eingeordnet

10-16h, Sprache: deutsch, Zielgruppen M, E, A, HS, NL*

Mechthild Bereswill, Kassel

Feministische Forschungstraditionen und Forschungsmethoden

10-16h, Sprache: deutsch, Zielgruppen M, E, A, HS*


Cornelia Goethe Colloquien | Cornelia Goethe Lectures

Titel:           Die Anderen der Reproduktionsmedizin. Feministische Perspektiven auf Arbeit, Familie und Rassismus | The Others of Reproductive Medicine. Feminist Perspectives on Labor, Family, and Racism
Zeit+Ort: Campus Westend, PEG 1.G191, 18-20h, English/Deutsch, target groups/Zielgruppen: M, E, A, P, NL, HS*

26.10.2017    Amrita Pande, Sociology, University of Cape Town, Cape Town,
Wombs in Labour and the Paradox of Surrogacy in India
(attention! exceptionally, this lecture will take place on Thursday, SH Building, room 5.101)

08.11.2017    Michal Nahman, Anthropology, University of the West of England, Bristol,
Global Migrant Egg Providers: Reproductive Others in a Changing Europe

22.11.2017    Sabine Könninger, Politikwissenschaft, Institut Mensch, Ethik und Wissenschaft (IMEW), Berlin,
(Un)Möglichkeiten der Kritik? Zur Entwicklung und Etablierung des nicht-invasiven Pränataltests in Deutschland

13.12.2017    Gisela Notz, Geschichte, Berlin,
Kritik des Familismus. Geschichte, Theorie und Realität eines ideologischen Gemäldes

17.01.2018    Sarah Dionisius, Politikwissenschaft, Goethe Universität Frankfurt/Rubicon Köln,
Heteronormativität, Reproduktion und Praktiken der Aneignung: Zur Familienbildung lesbischer und queerer Frauen*paare in Deutschland

31.01.2018    Anne Hendrixson, Politikwissenschaft, Hampshire College, Amherst, (Ostküste, USA),
The Rebirth of Targets and Coercion in Anti-Natal Population Policies

07.02.2018    Round Table, u.a. mit Susanne Schultz, Politikwissenschaft, Eva Sänger, Soziologie und weiteren Diskutant*innen der Goethe-Universität sowie zivilgesellschaftlichen Initiativen aus dem Raum Frankfurt, z.B. Care AK

*M Elementary Courses for well-advanced Master students
E Elementary Courses for Doctoral Candidates in 1st and 2nd Year
A Courses for Advanced Doctoral Candidates
P Courses for Postdocs
NL Natural and Life Sciences
HS Humanities and Social Sciences

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