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Freitag, 28.06.2019 Myra Marx Ferree (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

The crisis of masculinity and the rise of anti-liberal politics in the US and EU

Many see current politics of masculinity as fueled by a neoliberal order that steals men’s jobs, allies itself with feminism to demand a more malleable masculinity, and presents society as threatened by feminist efforts to destabilize ‘us’-‘them’ binaries of national, sectarian, sexual, and gender identities. Indeed, ever since Engels predicted that capitalism would destroy “the” family in its pre-industrial patriarchal form, there have been struggles over family ties and progressive victories in new forms of power and partnership. I suggest a deeper connection between the remaking of families and the reconstruction of political relationships, one that addresses family-work systems and demographic change in intersectionally gendered terms.

The workshop will consist of three parts: (1) A short lecture by Prof Marx Ferree, (2) a subsequent discussion on the basis of the lecture and the readings and (3)  presentation of the participants‘ research projects.


  • Collins, Patricia Hill (2001): Like one of the family: race, ethnicity, and the paradox of US national identity. In: Ethnic and Racial Studies. 24:1. 3-28.
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  • Datta, Neil (2018): Restoring the Natural Order. The religious extremists’ vision to mobilize European societies against human rights on sexuality and reproduction. In: European Parliamentary Forum on Population & Development.
  • Kováts, Eszeter (2017): The Emergence of Powerful Anti-Gender Movements in Europe and the Crisis of Liberal Democracy. In: Köttig, M., et al. (eds): Gender and Far Right Politics in Europe. 175-189.

Professor Myra Marx Ferree is the Alice H. Cook Professor of Sociology (emerita) and also a member of the Gender and Women’s Studies Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is the author of Varieties of Feminism: German Gender Politics In Global Perspective (2012), which was translated as Feminismen and co-published by Campus and the Bundeszentral fuer politische Bildung. She is the co-author with Lisa Wade of Gender: Ideas, interactions, Institutions (second edition, 2018). She has written numerous articles about feminist organizations and politics in the US, Germany and internationally, as well as about gender inequality in families, the inclusion of gender in sociological theory and practice, and the intersections of gender with race and class. She received the 2004 Jessie Bernard Award from the American Sociological Association and the 2013 Victoria Schuck Award from the American Political Science Association. She has served as vice-president of the American Sociological Association and deputy editor of its leading journal, American Sociological Review, and as President of Sociologists for Women in Society.

Sprache: Englisch.
Zielgruppen: M, E, A, P, HS.
Zeit: Freitag, 28.06.2019, 10-14h
Ort: Campus Westend, Seminarhaus Raum SH 0.106.


Cornelia Goethe Colloquien | Cornelia Goethe Lectures

Titel: GENDER UNTER DRUCK. Geschlechterpolitiken in Europa.

Mittwoch, 05. Juni 2019, 18-20h
Birgit Sauer – Anti-Genderismus als männliche Identitätspolitik?
Vortragssprache: Deutsch
Ort: Campus Westend PEG 1G191

Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2019, 18-20h
Birgit Riegraf – Gender Mainstreaming und Diversity Politics – eine kritische Diskussion der Politik der Gleichstellung in der EU
Vortragssprache: Deutsch
Ort: Campus Westend PEG 1G191

Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2019, 18-20h
Annette Henninger – Antifeminismus in Deutschland im Kontext europäischer Entwicklungen
Vortragssprache: Deutsch
Ort: Campus Westend PEG 1G191

Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2019, 18-20h
Nikita Dhawan – Europe: What can it teach us?
Vortragssprache: Englisch
Ort: Campus Westend PEG 1G191

Veranstalter*innen: Cornelia Goethe Centrum für Frauenstudien und die Erforschung der Geschlechterverhältnisse (CGC)

Konzeption: Helma Lutz, Marianne Schmidbaur, Sandra Seubert, Anja Wolde
Koordination: Franziska Vaessen


Hauptsprachen: Deutsch und Englisch
Kontakt: Dr. Marianne Schmidbaur | Cornelia Goethe Centrum