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Workshop ‚The Populist Challenge to Gender Equality – Resistance to Rightwing Populism in Europe‘ – Birte Siim (GRADE Center Gender)


The Populist Challenge to Gender Equality – Resistance to Rightwing Populism in Europe

 The growth of Rightwing populism and neo-nationalism in Europe has raised troubling questions about what this means for European citizenship, democracy as well as for claims for (gender) equality, diversity and social justice. The lecture analyses the populist challenges to gender equality and discusses forms of resistance to European populism. It first presents the scholarly debates about populism and the implications for gender equality and feminist politics. Secondly it gives an overview of results of comparative analysis of populism and gender equality in contemporary Europe. Research finds that there is a variety of opposition to gender equality and sexual rights in Europe influenced by history, institutions and culture. It also shows that some, but not all, rightwing populist parties support gender equality and sexual rights, and that all populist parties oppose migration.  The lecture ends with discussions of the future challenges facing the emerging solidarity movements against discrimination, racism and othering in Europe inspired by case-studies of resistance to Rightwing populism in Austria and Denmark. One is to make the emergent transversal feminist, anti-discrimination and pro-migration struggles against Rightwing populism visible. Another is to develop the intersectional resistance for (gender) equality, solidarity and social justice.

Lecture and subsequent discussion are followed by a discussion of the required and recommended readings (see below) as well as presentations of the participants’ own research projects. If you want to use this opportunity to present and discuss your research, please send us a current abstract of your work beforehand.


  • Krizsan, Andrea & Siim, Birte (2018): Gender equality and family in European populist radical-right agendas – European parliamentary debates 2014. In: Knijn, Trudie & Naldino, Manuela (eds.): Gender and Generational Division in EU Citizenship. 39-59.
  • Siim, Birte (2016): Feminist Challenges to the Reframing of Equality and Social Justice. In: NORA – Nordic Journal of Gender and Feminist Research. 24:3. 196-202.
  • Spierings, Niels / Zaslove, Andrej / Mügge, Liza M / de Lange, Sarah L. (2015): Gender and populist radical-right politics: an introduction. In: Patterns of Prejudice. 49:1-2. 3-15.


It will take place on Wednesday, May 22 between 10am and 4pm in room P21 in the PA-Building on Campus Westend and will be held in English.

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Sprache: Englisch.
Zielgruppen: M, E, A, P, HS.
Zeit: Mittwoch, 22.05.2019, 10-16h
Ort: Campus Westend, PA-Gebäude Raum P21.

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