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CGC Gender Lunch Talk with Flick Adams and Fabienne Emmerich on July 20th

Turning up the Noise: The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2021, #KillTheBill, and Crafting Feminist Futures

Flick Adams and Fabienne Emmerich

Lunch Talk of the Cornelia Goethe Center

Wednesday, July 20th, 2022, 12-14h

Seminarhaus SH 1.107, Westend Campus


The purpose of our talk is to collectively explore concrete abolition feminist resistance practices from recent social movements and to co-share strategies to respond to oppressive mechanisms that aim to delimit our abilities to dissent. Ultimately, we recognise that “abolition feminism can get us there” (Levine and Meiners 2020: 185). The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022 in England and Wales provides the background for our talk. It extends police powers to silence and break up peaceful protests as well as silencing individual protesters and follows the kidnap, rape, and murder of Sarah Everard by a police officer in England.

We approach this talk as a collaborative dialogue. First, we deconstruct the Act and the broader socio-political context, building on the growing body of abolition feminist scholarship and praxis. Then, we centre dialogue with participants to encourage the sharing of co-reflections on abolition feminism resistance practices across borders. Together, we reflect on recent examples of building nurturing feminist futures that disrupt and transcend logics of the “deserving” and the “undeserving” (Cradle 2021: 158; Olufemi 2020).

The talk takes place on July 20th, 2022, from 12-14h in room SH 1.107, Westend Campus, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. In order to prepare the conversation, we ask you to kindly register in advance until July 15th, 2022, by writing an e-mail to cgcentrum at

Flick Adams is an Associate Lecturer at The Open University, Doctoral Researcher at Keele University and a Facilitator. Flick’s research interests include queer and feminist theories and approaches, trans studies with a specific focus on PIC abolition, and anti-carceral, community and transformative Justice theories and practices. Flick’s doctoral project examines, through a queer-feminist abolitionist critique, how the prison system in England and Wales constructs and recognises identities, redistributes resources, and locates trans women within the prison – in cultural, spatial, and material terms to abolish the prison structure. Flick’s project sits at the intersection of Gender, Sexuality and Law and Socio-Legal Approache

Fabienne Emmerich is a Law Lecturer at Keele University in the UK. She is Institutional Lead for the North West Social Sciences Doctoral Training Partnership and Lead for the Gender, Sexuality, and Law Research Cluster at Keele. Fabienne is holder of a Leverhulme Fellowship for her project “Swimming against the current: women, prison reform and resistance” (2019-2021). Her research interests include Punishment, Resistance and Gender; Transformative Justice and Abolition Feminism; and Queering legal studies. In her current project she critically explores the struggle of women to reform the prison. She draws on feminist theories of solidarity to engage with the writings, speeches and reflections of Dr. Helga Einsele, governor of Frankfurt women’s prison in (West) Germany (1947-75).

In September 2020 Flick Adams and Fabienne Emmerich created Read and Resist! an abolitionist feminist multi-functional web platform bringing together a host of community, activist, and academic voices on all things concerning Transformative Justice. Read and Resist! is a platform that actively adopts an openly collaborative approach through a monthly open digital reading group, a blog open to contributions from diverse and marginalized voices, a podcast, and a YouTube Channel. Read and Resist! is developing a growing audience and a global reach with people attending reading groups from the UK, US, China, and other European countries regularly visiting the platform.

In March 2022 Flick Adams and Fabienne Emmerich together with colleagues from other universities were awarded a Socio-Legal Studies Association Seminar Grant to host an online workshop entitled “Abolition Feminism: Breaking Free from The Master’s Tools”. This workshop, taking place from September 15-16, 2022, provides space for organizers and the academic community across UK, US, Europe and beyond to engage with the full complexity of these questions and to bring us a step closer to the Abolition Feminism horizon. Please check the Call for Papers and schedule for the workshop and consider applying!