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Gender under Pressure. Gender Politics in Europe. – Cornelia Coethe Colloquia Summer Semester 2019

A cold wind is blowing through Europe. Right-wing populist parties of the right are gaining influence and are establishing themselves with EU-critical, authoritarian positions. Central to their political programs is an anti-feminist and racist agenda. At the same time women’s rights are used by populist and radical right actors to legitimize their claims and to exclude those, who according to their view don’t ‘belong’.

Since the Amsterdam treaty of 1997, the work of the European Union (EU) is obligated to the principles of gender mainstreaming and the fight against discrimination based on gender, race, ethnic origin, religion/ belief, disability, age and sexual orientation. While gender politics had been tight to labour market policy before, they are now incorporated into policies in all areas at all levels and stages. In the last years, family politics, especially the reconciliation of employment and family life, gender inequality and democratic deficits within the parliament and the fight against domestic violence have been focused.

Right-wing populist movements disregard gender mainstreaming because they understand gender equality and equity not as abolition of inequality and injustice, but as abolition of gender difference. ‘Anti-genderism’ combats every understanding of gender that questions the gender binary and heteronormativity as ‘natural’, inalterable facts.

European democracy needs feminism. The Cornelia Goethe Colloquia focus the constitution, the conditions and causes for anti-genderism and anti-feminism of right-wing (populist) movements and parties within the European context. The lectures critically examine the EU as a point of reference for intersectional struggles for social justice from a racism-critical, post-colonial and feminist perspective. They make alliances and counter-movements visible and oppose “fake news” and policies of exclusion with information and alternative strategies for action.

Organizer: Cornelia Goethe Center for Women’s and Gender Studies (CGC)
Conception: Helma Lutz, Marianne Schmidbaur, Sandra Seubert, Anja Wolde
Coordination: Franziska Vaessen

Time and Place
Goethe University, Campus Westend,
Theodor- W.- Adorno-Platz 6
PEG-Building, R. 1.G 191
every Wednesday, 6-8pm (ct)
Ausnahme: Thursday May 23, 2019, 6-8pm (ct), Casino Festsaal

The Cornelia Goethe Colloquia are an open forum for discussion of interdisciplinary women’s and gender studies and are open to attend for everyone interested. There is no admission fee!

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