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Cornelia Goethe Colloquia 2022/23

The Cornelia Goethe Colloquia are an open forum for the discussion of interdisciplinary Women’s and Gender Studies. Anyone interested is cordially invited!

This semester the colloquia are organized under the title:

Theorizing Gender(ed) Violence. On the Actuality of Gender-based Violence

Violence against women, girls and dissident bodies has become a central political issue for feminist movements around the globe in recent years. Under the hashtag MeToo and the slogan ‘Ni una menos’, tens of thousands denounced the persistence of gender-based violence. Feminist movements in the Americas, in particular, have placed the issue of violence at the center of their mobilizations in the face of drastic numbers of sexual-sexualized violence and murders of women and trans* people, and have also attempted to rework it conceptually.
These protests and their social resonance illustrate the importance of a topic that was at the center of academic debates in the early days of women’s and gender studies, but has been relegated to the background in recent decades. From the 1960s to the 1980s, numerous authors and researchers dealt with the structural meaning and function of gender-based violence. The extent of this violence, which has remained constant to this day, contrasts with the successes of feminist movements, the de facto equalization of gender relations, and the entrenchment of notions of equality in many contexts. This constellation raises weighty questions for gender studies.
The colloquium would like to contribute to a renewed attention to the topic of violence in gender relations. The series of events pursues the thesis that a renewed systematic examination and theorization is needed – intersectionally informed and with a view to diverse forms of violence that primarily affect female and dissident bodies as well as people who desire deviating from the norm. The invited speakers deal with the persistence of gender-based violence from different perspectives and have formulated profitable insights that we want to discuss in the colloquia.

Information on COVID-19

Due to the currently unpredictable developments regarding COVID-19 and the ensuing restriction, the Cornelia Goethe Centrum reserves the right to postpone or cancel events at short notice or to arrange video conferences. Please check again before the events to find out about time, place and format.

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Cornelia Goethe Centrum für Frauenstudien und die Erforschung der Geschlechterverhältnisse (CGC)
Concept: Lilian Hümmler, Bea S. Ricke, Stella Schäfer, Sarah Speck
Coordination: Amanda Glanert, Mandy Gratz, Johanna Leinius
Layout Booklet and Poster: Miguel Pardo
Contact: Dr. Johanna Leinius | Cornelia Goethe Centrum

Time and Place

Goethe University, Campus Westend,
Theodor- W.- Adorno-Platz 6
PEG-Building, 1.G 191
Wednesday, 6-8 pm c.t.
Some presentations will also be available in the week following the announced presentation date on the  CGC Webseite and the CGC YouTube-Channel.

Carol Hagemann-White, Lisa Gabriel und Dorothea Zimmermann
Roundtable: Gestern, heute, morgen – Zur Theoretisierung von geschlechtsbezogener Gewalt in Deutschland
Language: German

09.11.2022 – online registration link
Xavier Guadalupe-Diaz
Transgressed: The State of Transgender Intimate Partner Violence in the US
Language: English

Laura Wolters und Hilkje C. Hänel
Gewalt mit System? Vergewaltigung als soziale Praxis
Language: German

Rolf Pohl
Männlichkeit, Sexualität, Gewalt. Sozialpsychologische Überlegungen zur Persistenz sexueller Gewaltverhältnisse
Language: German

11.01.2023 – online registration link
Ulrike Lembke
Femi(ni)zide: Gewalt im Geschlechterverhältnis als Leerstelle im deutschen Rechtsdiskurs
Language: German

Birgit Sauer

Geschlechtergewalt. Materialistisch-feministische Staatstheorie als Analyseperspektive
Language: German

01.02.2023 – online registration link
Verónica Gago und Rita Segato
Körper – Ökonomien – Gewalt
Language: Spanish with simultaneous German translation

Kirsten Campbell
Researching Gender and Violence: A Case Study of Conflict-related Sexual Violence
Language: English

Free entrance!

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Layout: Miguel Pardo

We would like to thank our cooperation partners for the support of the lecture series:

GRADE Center Gender, Gleichstellungsbüro der Goethe-Universität, Gleichstellungrat FB03, Heinrich Böll Stiftung Hessen, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt a. M.

GRADE Center Gender, Gleichstellungsbüro, Gleichstellungsrat Fachbereich 03, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt a. M.

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