For students of the departments 01 and 03 to 11 who already have a Bachelor's degree or have passed an intermediate examination, the Cornelia Goethe Centrum offers a certificate program that is designed for 4 semesters and comprises a total of 8 SWS - this corresponds to 19 CP. For their successful participation, graduates receive a certificate that shows their special knowledge in the field of Women's Studies/Gender Studies.

The course offerings are designed and coordinated by the CGC.

It combines courses in the field of women's and gender studies from the disciplinary course offerings of the departments participating in the Center with additional interdisciplinary events and colloquia. The aim of the program is to convey feminist research approaches and traditions from different disciplines and thus to enable students to look beyond their own discipline.

Participation not only offers students an insight into feminist theoretical approaches, but also provides a fundamental understanding of the structure and functioning of gender relations. This knowledge also proves useful outside of the university setting, as it opens up the possibility of questioning taken-for-granted assumptions about the gender order and of shaping one's life and career in a more self-confident and problem-conscious manner.

To ensure that the program is interdisciplinary, at least two interdisciplinary seminars are offered each semester. Further information can also be found on the certificate program flyer.