Frequently Asked Questions about the Gender Studies Certificate Program
How do I register for courses in FB03 as a student from another department?

The registration procedure for FB03 has been changed since the winter semester 20/21: Students who are not enrolled in a degree program of FB03, but want to attend courses from this degree program for the certificate program, can register via QIS between October 19 and November 06 for still available places. Please register quickly - places will be allocated in real time.

For more information on the registration process, click here.

When can I register for the study program?

Goethe University students from the departments 01 and 03 to 11 participating in the CGC can register for the study program at any time during a current semester. For this purpose, the registration form can be filled out and handed in on site in the office (PEG 2.G 154). Alternatively, the form is also available as a Download and can be submitted by mail with a digital signature.

I have registered for the program before 01.04.2016. According to which form do I study?

If you registered for the study program before 01.04.2016, the respective old form applies to you (study program for students in the diploma, master's and teaching degree programs, for students in the bachelor's program or for students in the master's program). However, it is possible to change to the new form. To do so, report to the CGC office (PEG 2.G 154).

Do I have to enter the achievements for the certificate on special certificates?

For the interdisciplinary seminar you have to use our mock form, because this achievement is not booked in the regular study. For the disciplinary seminars you can use our mock form, but it is also possible to send us a transcript of records on which you note which seminars you would like to be credited. Participation in the colloquium or equivalent lecture series is evidenced by short summaries. You can find more information here.

Can I also have my certificate from the interdisciplinary course credited to my regular studies?

The credit you earn in the course marked as interdisciplinary is earned exclusively for the certificate and is intended as an addition to your regular studies. Therefore, it is not eligible for double credit.

I have enrolled in the Master's level Gender Studies certificate program and need to take two disciplinary courses. Are proseminars also eligible for this?

In principle, only disciplinary courses at the master's level can be credited for this order of the program. Since proseminars are intended for first-year students, they are generally not eligible for the program. You can find out whether a course is a master's level seminar by looking at the module assignments in the LSF.

Is it a problem if I do not complete the requirements for the certificate in the allotted time?

The four semesters given are to be understood as a guideline. It depends on your individual course of study whether you study the program faster or slower.

How do I apply for my certificate?

Once you have completed all the requirements for the certificate, you can submit the evidence to the CGC Business Office (PEG, 2.G154) or to the appropriate certificate program assistant. We will then verify that everything necessary has been submitted and then issue the certificate. We will notify you by mail when the certificate is ready for pickup.

Where can I find the courses I can get credit for?

A semester program is prepared for each semester and is available in front of the CGC premises or in the secretary's office. The semester program is also available as a digital edition and can be found in the download area. The latter is continuously updated by us.

Can I also attend and receive credit for courses that are not from my department?

Yes, courses from all departments listed in the semester program can be attended and credited for the certificate program.

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