The Cornelia Goethe Center for Gender Studies (CGC) is an interdisciplinary and internationally oriented research and study center at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, in which scholars* from various subjects and status groups cooperate.

Core areas in research and teaching are:

  • Transnational migration and social movements
  • Social inequality, gender justice, diversity and care
  • Biopolitics, body and gender
  • Feminist theory and queer theory
  • Transdisciplinary methods and feminist critique of science.

The CGC provides an excellent framework for developing interdisciplinary issues and research projects. Other focal points of its work include offering interdisciplinary courses on gender studies, the certified Women's Studies/Gender Studies program, and the promotion of young scholars. The Center's conferences, Cornelia Goethe Colloquia, and workshops are international and interdisciplinary in nature and also include non-university perspectives. They intervene in current socio-political debates and contribute to the further development of scientific theory. They form a basis for international and national cooperation and networking of the CGC beyond the university framework.

The center was named after Cornelia Goethe, the younger sister of Johann Wolfgang Goethe, who gave his name to the University of Frankfurt. It attaches importance to the dialogue between urban society and the university and, with its events, is an integral part of the Frankfurt Citizens' University. An important link to the urban public is the Friends of the Cornelia Goethe Center.