Funding GRADE Center Gender 2024

There are three submission deadlines for the funding opportunities listed below: January 15th, June 15th and October 15th of each year. You will be informed of the decision regarding your application as soon as possible after the respective submission deadline.


1. Travel grants

The GRADE Center Gender awards travel grants for scientific conferences, workshops, retreats or research stays to members of the Centre in the amount of up to 400 EUR.


2. Childcare costs

The GRADE Center Gender subsidizes childcare costs for members of the Center during scientific conferences, workshops, retreats or research stays.


3. Publication costs

The GRADE Center Gender awards funds for publication and translation in regards to the completion of qualification projects in the amount of up to 300 EUR.



All documents should be sent either by e-mail to Dr. Johanna Leinius ( or by mail to the Cornelia Goethe Centrum (Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 6, Postfach PEG 4, 60629 Frankfurt am Main).

Eligibility criteria

  • The candidate must be a regular member of the GRADE Center Gender. Associate members are not eligible for funding.
  • The respective candidate must not have received funding from the Gender Center in the previous funding period.
  • The candidate must not have applied for funding from another GRADE Center in order to attend the event. Attendance at a workshop, conference, or retreat may only be funded by one GRADE Center at a time.
  • The member must provide proof of active participation (poster/lecture/moderation contribution or similar) by accepting the respective contribution from the conference organization. In the case of retreats, a short report on the course of the retreat must be written.
  • The content of the conference contribution or the goal of the research stay must be directly related to the respective qualification project (MA thesis, dissertation or habilitation).
  • The required documents (see below) must have been submitted to the above address before either January 15th, June 15th or October 15th to be eligible for support in the respective funding period.
  • In case of funding approval, all required supporting documents (see below) have to be submitted by mail until four weeks after the end of the respective meeting/conference (address see above).

Application procedure

  1. Complete the application form (GCG-RF-01) and submit the (signed) document plus the required attachments indicated in the form (see below) to the address indicated above.
  2. The attachments include (a) a cost and financing plan, which shows secured funding including the requested amount, (b) the (submitted) abstract on the planned conference contribution, (c) the program of the event (can be submitted later at the latest until the beginning of the conference) as well as (d) the proof of acceptance by the conference organization (can also be submitted later at the latest until the beginning of the conference). For applications for research stays, please include (1) a timetable for the stay and (2) a description of the activities during the research stay. In addition, we need here (3) a short confirmation of your supervision (2 lines, gladly by mail) about the appropriateness of the research stay for the thesis.  Please send these documents to the address given above.
  3. After a formal and substantive review, the Center management will decide on the approval of the applications after January 15th, June 15th and October 15th, respectively.
  4.  The Center will inform you promptly after the applicable deadline whether your application could be approved.
  5. After the meeting/conference or research stay, please submit all receipts as well as the declaration form (GCG-RF-02) by mail to the GRADE Center Gender at the address given above within a maximum period of four weeks.
  6. You will receive the reimbursement amount requested and approved by the Center management to the account you have indicated. The decisive factor is that you can prove that you actually incurred the costs. If the costs are lower than originally requested for reimbursement, you are obliged to make this clear in the reimbursement request.